Through the Woods

Digital Illustration

Through the Woods. Digital. 2017. For the exhibition Tobeyou.

Tobeyou is an exhibition about personal narrative, tales, storytelling and memory.

Through the Woods is a piece about my childhood, about the adventures and mystery that filled my head and wanderings. My biggest obsession when I was young was wolves and wandering along streams through woods and fields. Once these two coincided in a beautifully creepy way that was very memorable. 

"We’ve been walking for hours, the river is cold around us but the evening air is still warm. As we climb the banking with our nets and bags we emerge through the trees into a field, we want to stop and eat our snacks but then we spot it. There’s not much left now, just bones and a scattering of fur. It is terrifying and fascinating, we creep closer to investigate, to us this is like something from a book – the beginning of an adventure, some dark creature may jump out at any minute and chase us away. Nothing else comes out of the dark but the leaves rustle and we feel suddenly as though many little eyes are watching. We leave some time later, not brave enough to stay and unwilling to disturb the bones. Later we sit in the car and regale my mother with tales of our adventure; I ask her if she thinks it was wolves. She only laughs and reminds me there are no longer wolves in England, but I am not convinced, I think that if there are still wolves here they must be hidden and that one day I will find them. Sometime after I dream of the bones again and there is still something in the woods, but it is a patient something and it will wait."